How would a M/B with incompatible CPU behave?

Hi guys,

I have a new GA-X48-DQ6, replacement for a broken one. I've installed a Q9650, one memory module and a simple graphics card. The system powers up for a couple of seconds i.e. fans on CPU and power supply start turning then it switches off and starts the cycle again. The "rebooting" happens so quickly there is no beep and no signal to the monitor. I know all components added on the M/B work. Is this how a M/B would behave if you install an incompatible CPU on it?

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  1. could be a trillion things. See if you can narrow down the problem by removing 1 component at a time to see what makes no difference to the weird behaviour. This will at least give us a clue
  2. I have tried all components and all work fine on other motherboards. To test the one that gives the problem I only put a simple graphics card, memory module and cpu.
    All I want to find out is that if I install a CPU that is not supported by the currently installed BIOS (the latest one does) would the system behave as I described i.e. turning off and on within seconds of giving it power.
  3. Usually it will not do anything at all if the CPU is not compatible.
    Have you got the board out of the case? It sounds to me like you maybe have the board mounted incorrectly, something shorting out?
  4. The board is on my desk bare no possibilities that something is shorting it out. I've decided to take out the CPU from another PC that I know works with the default BIOS of this motherboard and then see if I get anywhere further.
    thanks for the help guys. If this is the solution I'll post an update.
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