Nvidia 295 GTX on Agiler 600W PSU?

Hey there, my system is:

Intel i7 920 "Not Overclocked W/Stock Cooler"
MSI Eclipse SLI Mobo
2GB Single Stick
Zogis 9800 GTX OC - 763 - 1158 - 1908 Fan at 75%

And the reason of my thread, Agiler 600W +3.3 23A, +5 45A, +12 20A

I have ordered a GTX 295 from the states, i live in El Salalvador so getting a new PSU i not that easy...

My noobiest question since i dont know much of PSU would be:
***Is it possible to use a converter taking the IDE ports from the PSU to use them to feed the 295GTX 6 pin port?***
Would this help in something?

Im asking you this because i have some convertors besides the ones that comes with the card..


PS: If i am killing the PSU with my current setup.. please also let me know that... so i wouldn´t think replacing the GPU for the 295
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  1. You're relally getting close to the PSU limit with your current setup, and you would really need a new one for that GTX 295. The card is extremely power-hungry. The nVidia site (http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_geforce_gtx_295_us.html) states in the specs that the card has a 289W TDP, meaning that you need at least 24A going to the card itself, not counting your other components. Using IDE to PCI-E adapters won't help you.
  2. that PSU is more like a 400w than a 600w.
  3. Sorry rmerazo: The other guys are quite right, you will need another power unit, if you try to run the GTX295 with the Agila unit you risk damaging the whole system.
    Nvidia recommend 680W and 46Amps on the 12v line/s as a minimum.
  4. You cannot run a GTX295 (which is basically 2 GTX260s OCed) on a 600watt PSU. You need a 650watt PSU minimum, but with an i7 rig and another HDD, you need a good 750watt PSU.
  5. ^+1. Get a Corsair 750TX or a PC Power & Cooling 750.
  6. Just get a GTX 275... and for heaven's sake man, triple channel that RAM. You're missing out on one of the key upgrades of the i7 platform.

    And yes, if you didn't gather from my recommendation, that PSU won't be enough for the GTX 295.
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