Onboard Sound too quiet [Gigabyte 770 UD3P]

Hello TH members,

I recently built myself a new rig for general use such as listening to music, gaming and watching movies.

AMD Phenom 720 BE 2.8GHZX
OCZ Platinum 2x2GB DDR3
PSU FATAL1TY 550W Modular
HDD Western Digital 640GB + Seagate 160GB HDD
Windows XP SP3 32 Bit (Didn't bother with 64 bit)

I have no complaints with it (big improvement from a pentium d) therefore the sound is very quiet and my ears are used to a much louder sound from an ECS motherboard with built in sound!

I'm aware that this mobo (GA-MA770T-UD3P) has onboard sound however from what I heard in the reviews the sound was meant to be very good. Iv'e installed all the correct drivers, I have the realtek sound manager icon bottom right, and everything has been installed correctly. So why is the sound rubbish, dull and quiet as a mouse?

Oh and yes I have notched the volume up to max already on everything!

Any suggestions would be good, and one last thing; I'm using headphones.

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