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Does this look like a broken CPU?

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August 14, 2009 2:11:56 PM

Hiya :) 

Had a mobo running an AM2 2.8 dual core 7850+. I upgraded the bios to get past an issue i was having, then the pc wouldn't boot and kept freezing on the bios and post screens matrix stylee.

In the end, got a new mobo of a different make, and its doing the same damn thing! tried a different PSU, unplugged all hdd and cd drives etc. makes no difference. Tried running with either ram stick same issues (i don't have any more to try with).

Both mobos have onboard nvidia chips (8100 and 8200). Surely both mobos can't be faulty? especially as the first was working fine till a bios update murdered it. Am left thinking it has to be cpu related? Could the bios of destroyed the cpu?

Before the problems, both gpu and cpu were running about 30 degrees, so i doubt its overheating.

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August 14, 2009 3:16:04 PM

In my experience the type of error you are getting is GPU, or memory related. However considering that the memory controller is on the CPU, there is a chance that the CPU could be causing this.

You may want to take your motherboard out of your case to eliminate any type of electrical or grounding problem.

Test each memory stick with a bootable CD, Memtest86, to eliminate the memory. Make sure you do several passes, not just one.

Lastly, might be a good chance to try out AM3 AthlonII 240 or so.