New Sys on order.

I finally stopped hitting my head against the wall and placed my new video editing system order. I should have buy friday. Will be getting (main items):

P4 1.8Ghz CPU (478)
Abit TH7II/raid mainboard (478 - upgradable over 3Ghz)
512 Rdram
2 * 80Gig seagate HD's for video capture
1 * 20Gig seagate for OS
Pinnacles DV500 capture card.

I was on the virge of getting an dual AMD system but they did not cut the cake this time around for the flask encoding and a couple of other minor things that bugged me. I was also going to go with the Pinnacle Pro One but could not justify the extra 1000$ for the new features. I hope I don't regret these decisions.

I want to thank everyone who may have helped in my decisions, it was greatly appreciated and most needed. I will endeavor to help others as my knowledge increases as I learn to do things with the new system.

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  1. I'm jealous.

    Let us know how you like it. Looks about right. I wouldn't go the extra $$ for the 2GHz either. Have you checked out the xp?

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  2. Pinnacle noted thaat they are working on drivers that will support WinXP.
    It's a nice card you selected and nice configuration around it. I hope to see you also on Pinnacle suport forums soon.
  3. Way to go!

    Good luck

    Take Care.
    What the heck was that all about!
  4. XP software or the AMD processor --
    The XP processor was not tested for flask conversions -- something I want to try allot of -- I think the P4 will serve me better in the multimedia/video editing area better.

  5. The AMD XP was not flask tested by Tom's but it was tested by <A HREF="" target="_new">AnandTech (link)</A>. Check it out! The XP has SSE which helps a great deal and is what made the P4 so much better (at Flask) then non-SSE CPUs.

    BTW I hate AMD puppies cause here I am suporting AMD but they see my unbiased opinion as pro Intel.

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  6. Hey.

    Thanks, I will check it out -- I was using flask in a generic sense -- I have not used any enoding software as I did not have a system worth while to try it on. I have ordered the Intel system so I guess it's a no brainer about the xp but I like to read and follow stuff like that anyway. Hey, they win my business next time.

    I will try the Nandub vbr for sure.

  7. I invested in an Athlon 1400C for DivX encoding, and get half the frame-rate Tom's is reporting about a P4/2Gigs. (around 11 whereas the last article spoke of around 18-19fps). While I'm a dedicated AMD fan, this is the 2nd time I bow before Intel (first was with the latest THG thermal shakedown video).
    In short, good choice on the CPU, I have no real clue about video capture, but I think you're making an overkill on the memory. It's cheap, but not neccesary. After all it's a machine that runs only this task, no? run this task on a similar machine and see how much memory it eats, together with the OS. no point buying memory that won't be used :-) My professional guess would be that 256MB is overkill for what you're trying to do.

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