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Very slow boot time and desktop problem

Hello everyone,

I have an unusual problem and I need some help i will try to describe the problem as clear as possible.

About a week ago I installed dreamscene on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and 15 minutes after installation I uninstalled because it was having problems since it wasnt included in windows 7 I used custom reg file and .dll to activate dreamscene. After i clean the registry and delete the .dll files I realized everytime I restart my system I get a notification which says:

"Failed to connect to a windows service
Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification Service service. This problem prevents limited users from logging on to the system. As an administrative user, you can review the System Event Log for details about why the service didn’t respond.”

and Boot times are very long talking about 4min+ long, also after the restart i can not right click on desktop if i do all i see is the hourglass for 2-3 mins then it doesnt do anything and my icons disappear . System respond times are very slow special with right clicks. I googled the notification I was getting one solution most people used was:


but this didnt work for me at all. I checked the services and it seems SENS is working fine and its dependencies working fine too. I even tried System restore but problem is still there.

If anyone can help me with this problem I would appreciate it, I don`t want to reinstall If I dont have to and hopefully someone can help me without reinstalling Windows.

Thank you in advance
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    Usual windows crash, reinstall....Next time, keep a restore hard drive image ready, as well as backups for your important files, if any.
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