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So what I figured out is if you get the EVGA GTX 275 graphics card and try to overclock it it won't work out well. I tried running 3D mark vantage and I get red dots appearing on the screen which I know isn't good. Even the smallest overclock to both of my GTX 275's results in tearing. I'm using EVGA precision, is anyone else having this issue with overclocking or is it just me? vista 64bit, evga 780i ftw mobo, 8gb memory, intel core 2 quad, 750w psu, and I put all my fans at 100% when testing.
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  1. i dont have these cards but i know that some cards just dont overclock well maybe you jus got a bad pair of cards or something
  2. Overclockign is random. Some cards do it well, some do not. Whether you get one that clocks huge, or one that barely goes 10mhz above stock is entirely luck of the draw.
  3. the 275s cooler is subpar. its one of 2 things that makes the 285 better.

    The reason why you want to buy a ssc or ftw super overclocked gpu over a standard one is that there is a greater chance you can push it harder. Not all cpu's and gpu's are = when it comes to overclocking some are good some are bad.

    Adding better cooling on the gpu and ram helps very well with your oc
  5. When I tested it in 3D mark vantage I put both fans on my cards at 100% and they didn't go over 57C and tearing still occurred. I guess I got the short end of the straw
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