GTX 570 Physx / Benefit from dedicated Physx card ?

If you have a good nividia card like a 570 or 480 is there a big benefit to useing a seperate physx card ? Can u run physx with just one card ?(without the dedicated card?}
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  1. Can u run physx with just one card ?(without the dedicated card?}....Certainly you can,I've always used a single card solution.....
  2. what about how much benefit from a separate dedicated physx card ?
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    Depends on what games you play.

    Here's a list of games that use physx:

    If you had a dedicated card, the effects are amazing.. but games like Crysis 2, Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 etc wont gain anything from it.
  4. Very few games use physx.
    If you're buying a dedicated card for more performance, you'd be better off with SLI.
    Infact, a weak card can actually hurt performance of a stronger card
  5. Just use the CPU...
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