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is my cpu bottlenecking my system? amd 9750
xfx hd4890
4 gig crucial ballistix 1066
gigabyte ga-ma790fx-dq6, not sure what else you would need to know to tell if it was bottlenecking
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  1. yes it is.
  2. Seems like.,818.html?prod%5B2196%5D=on&prod%5B2163%5D=on
    You can check the games from this table. The only game where it wins is Supreme Commander because this games knows to use more than 2 cores.
  3. would an amd dual core be better for gaming than the quad i have? what amd processor would not bottleneck my system?
  4. Tell us how much do you want to spend?
  5. how much will it take to not bottleneck my beautiful new card? lol, i dont mind really! my mate is offering me a straight swap for his 9950 but im guessing this will still bottleneck? if not i will just go with that, if so, then whatever, would just be nice to know what will give my gcard full power really mate
  6. If you don't mind spending some money, go for Phenom 2 940 or 955.
  7. If not a decent Dual-core would be something like an AthlonII X2 550
  8. I meant PhenomII X2 550 lol
  9. and that would definately not bottleneck my system? how about the option i said about getting the phenom 9950? is that gunna be any better?
  10. ^ the 9950 is worse, even in most quad threaded apps the Phenom II 720 beats it.
  11. The difference between 9750 and 9950 is pretty small. You should think to upgrade.
  12. ah ok, so the phenom 2 it is then ay? dual core a good cheaper alternative? or gunna bottleneck still?
  13. Next year probably you will have the same problem so maybe it is a better idea to upgrade to something like tri or quad.
  14. man this sucks, why cant it just be simple. If i had known that my cpu would bottleneck this quite frankly awesome card, i would have gone for the 4870x2 for the extra mem! ah well, it still pisses on anything i can throw at it :)
  15. Some problem with 4870x2.
  16. Huh.. how exactly would a 4870x2 make it better..?
    Secondly its rather simple, your cpu cant catch up with your gpu
    Third and most important, Most of us would upgrade.. But seeing your last sentence

    '' it still pisses on anything i can throw at it'' Upgrade when it refuses to piss..
  17. i was under the impression that it was to do with clock speeds of the memory and gpu that affected how it bottlenecked? and as these are lower with the 4870x2, although it has higher memory, i assumed this would not have been such an issue? i am still new to alot of this so forgive me if im wrong, the fact is i have one of the best graphics cards on the market and im finding it hard to enjoy it right now, anyone suggest anything that may make it sweat a little? games wise i mean?
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