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I'm having problems with drawings consisting of shapes and lines in my Word 2002 documents. I have a new Compaq Presario, Windows 7, 64-bit, 3GB/GoDDR3, 500GB/GO. The Garphic is AMD Radeon HD6310. When a document is open and I scroll throught it, the drawings disappear until I stop scrolling, and then reconstitute shape by shape and line by line. Each time I move the scroll, even just a short distance, the same thing happens - the drawing disappears and then reconstitutes. Documents with pages of drawings are very difficult to work in. Can this be corrected by reducing the graphics hardware acceleration a notch or two? If so, how can I do this?
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  1. It sounds like you are NOT getting full acceleration, not that you need to reduce it. Or it could be a problem with that old version of Word interacting with Windows 7.
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