Overclock nvidia geforce 310M

Hello, im new to overclocking the video card and i was wondering if anyone could help me i was trying to use evga but after install it gives me an error saying "no hardware supported" could anyone explain what im doing wrong?
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  1. well you could try this its works for me.
  2. tried it.. same error..
  3. what card, make sure u have a updated driver
  4. You're trying to overclock a laptop, which is not recommended. At all. Laptops have no way of getting rid of the excess heat created by overclocking.
  5. its a nvidia geforce 310M I gb but i checked the drivers and it has Intel drivers not Nvidia.. what should I do?
  6. Google your card for overclocked and see if u can find anything I haven't looked yet.
  7. for some reason the drivers supported are intel.. even though the card is nvidia .. i dont get it
  8. i think thats the reason i cant get the riva tuner to recognize it.. any suggestions?
  9. What laptop is it?
    What CPU does this laptop have?

    Just to reiterate, overclocking a laptop is NOT recommended. The extra heat will KILL the poor thing.
  10. its an ASUS k52jc I3 2.4 processor 4 gb ram Ive been reading about some people overclocking laptops.. what i dont get is why cant i install Nvidia drivers.. the geforce I have is supported under nvidia drivers
  11. You've downloaded the drivers from the Nvidia site and tried to install them? It should work fine.
  12. yes i tried that but when I run the installer it gives me an error message saying there are no supported components.. i tried uninstallin the intel drivers but they just automaticaally reinstall on reboot...
  13. overclocking a video card in a lap top is like putting a turbo on a ford escort with no intercooler it just dosent make alot of sense
    you might burn that card bra
  14. What do the Intel drivers call the video card? What's the name it has in Device Manager?
  15. intel(r) HD graphics
  16. Okay, it's time to call/E-mail ASUS. Their tech support can verify that your laptop actually has the GeForce 310M graphics and that it's enabled.
  17. thanks man will do that
  18. uninstall your intel driver and download nvidia's update it has overclocking in the option :D
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