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Hello everyone,

I've recently upgraded to an SSD which I now use as my primary boot drive. I did a clean install of Windows 7 on the SSD and simply left the installation I had of Windows 7 on what I am now using as a secondary, storage drive. Some of my applications survived this transition and I can still use, but some I am finding, will no longer boot and are no longer considered installed, such as microsoft office. I figure it is easy enough just to reinstall these programs, but I am really not sure if simply deleting their old directories from the 2nd drive is cleanly removing them. I cannot view my programs installed on my 2nd drive from the Control Panel, and perhaps my searching skills just aren't up to snuff, but I am not finding much help anywhere online.

So I figured I would ask the community at Tom's can I view, and cleanly uninstall programs installed to my 2nd HDD? Any answers would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. The best thing is to install all the applications. When you install a applications, certain information is saved in Windows registry. That way Windows knows its location, what files are associated with what program, and that is why it shows up in the Control Panel.

    Since you did a clean install, the registry does not have any data about the programs you have in the computer.
  2. Yes you can safely delete any directoried on the 2nd drive that you have not installed with the latest OS. Office isn't working right mainly because information it needs isn't being found in the registry.
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