Xonar Essence STX or Cheaper Soundcard???

I'd like to get a soundcard to up the performance of my music collection and gaming experience. Currently have a set of Audioengine A5 stereo speakers hooked up to onboard sound, and i feel like with a soundcard i could get more out of them.

The Essence STX looks awesome, but $200 seems pricey. how would the Xonar DX match up with the essence for a 2.0 stereo system and sound quality???

All my music is in MP3 format and is from 256-320kbps.

I sometimes use headphones (Audio Technica AD700), But since they are low impedence i figured i didnt need the amp that is built into the Essence STX.

So, what do you gurus think? Worth the extra money? Will i see a noticable improvement with the Essence over a cheaper ASUS Card???
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    the xonar is overkill if you just wanna listen to music its more focused towards producers an sound engineers
  2. OK, thats what i was thinking, thanks for response.
  3. OH.. that's really far from the truth..
    Xonar Essence STX is specially designed for hi-fi audio
    The only thing it's designed for is producers and sound engineers...
  4. but still over kill
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