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I bought an EMC Iomega 1-terabyte network attached storage drive. I bought it primarily to replace an older desktop computer as the main repository for files that might be created on that computer or laptops.

Initially, though, I want to back up the older computer onto the network attached storage.

I now have learned that the installation software works only on Windows XP or later, but the older computer runs Windows 2000. Am I permanently unable to make the older computer see the network attached storage, or can I use it somehow after setting up the drive from an XP computer?
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  1. You said its network attached storage so of course W2k can see it if XP can. Since you didnt list the model you'll have to navigate to iomega's support site and figure out what you need to do.
  2. The support site was no help, but I found that somehow the network drive has a fixed IP address, and from the router software I was able to assign it a host name.
  3. I have the same problem, the Iomega discovery software won't install on a single W2K machine on my network. Both the Iomega drive and the W2K machine have fixed IP addresses but that doesn't seem to help - how did you get yours to discover?
  4. Sorry, all I remember is setting the host name for the Iomega drive from my router Web page setup.

    Now I just have this printer problem. The printer port generally works, but occasionally it just stops working from both Windows and Mac. I found that powering off the Iomega drive and then bringing it back up makes the printer work again. To power off, I have to hold down the power button for maybe 20 seconds till the second light flashes. A second push of the button brings it back up.
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