No SSD... now what?

Right now, I cannot afford an SSD with the reasonable amount of space of an HDD (who can?).

So, I was wondering about the next best thing-- Caviar Black or Velociraptor? Please help me.
For some light gaming and general purpose computing, is it worth the cost of a Raptor? Or will the Caviar suit my needs?

On a side note, I do not want to RAID nor short-stroke.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Grab a Caviar Black! 1TB?
  2. Unless you have a laptop with only one drive bay, you don't need an SSD that's large enough to hold everything. You just need one large enough to hold the OS and your applications - everything else can go on a standard hard drive.

    Stated in terms of the proverbial 80/20 rule, that gives you 80% of the performance bang for only 20% of the bucks.
  3. omnisome said:
    Grab a Caviar Black! 1TB?

    SATA 2 or 3? The motherboard I'm looking at supports both.

    And it will be a desktop, not a laptop. I heard about that-- but it really puts constraints on the amount of applications depending on how much one is willing to pay. Hopefully, in the future, things will be further simplified by CHEAP high-capacity SSDs.
  4. Any newer technology drive will offer simular transfer speeds to the velociraptors.
    notice that the velocirator is only slightly better than the black:

    The velocirators will still have faster access times.
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