Athlon xp barton 3200 with ddr 400mhz

Hello folks,

I've recently picked up an older shuttle type system. I've popped a Athlon xp 3200 in there and a pair of kingston ddr hyperx 1gb sticks in there.

This serves 3 purposes. its a desktop machine, Guinea pig for learning the ropes on overclocking and a place for me to dump all my media when not using my laptop.

any way back to the point....

the cpu has a fixed multiplier of 11 and i dont want to modify this by scratching bridges on the chip.

the cpu i have had it at 2.4ghz ish (218fsb) and it was fine but the ram i was using was really poor 133mhz type stuff. now ive put decent hyper X 200mhz ram i dont seem to be able to get more than a few mhz above stock.

my question is would it be worth me lowering the speed of the ram to say 166mhz and then performing the over clock to try and ballance this out?

It might be worth noting i have absolutely no control over voltages with this mother board and the cpu is a genuine 3200 not one of the "fake ones" amd released.

any and all suggestions are appreciated.
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  1. Yes lower the RAM speed then increase the FSB
  2. Hi and welcome to Toms's forum.

    You are right, whe you use the FSB for overclock, the RAM, HT, and NB frequency also change, so, you need lower that frequencies and try to keep it at default speed while you rise the FSB.
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