Ma785gmt=ud2h wont boot

new Gigabyte ma785gmt MB -- Front Panel Pwr switch turns on the power. All fans run but system is doing nothing (no hard drive seeks or display). Power switch will not turn system off. Removed all memory except 2GB module and moved to another socket. Any ideas before sending it back?
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  1. do the troubleshooting checklist.......

    and dont double post please
  2. Build outside of the case with beeper, power, mobo and cpu. Listen for beeps. Keep adding components.
    Maybe a dead motherboard?
  3. Clear the bios first.
  4. Test the power supply with a tester to make sure all rails are working.
  5. Thanks for all of your suggestions but all tried before I posted. Sorry about the double post but thought I was in the wrong forum. The problem has been resolved. I simplemindedly installed the cooler on the processor without locking the lever. Noticd it when I was removing the MB to return it.
  6. Same problem here.

    Same board
    Running AMD Phenom II 550BE
    RaidMax Ases Case.

    No speaker so can't tell if any beeps are happening.
    Going to by speaker tomorrow.

    DVD drive is IDE and only has power if IDE data cable is UNPLUGGED.
    Tried different cable and drive.
    made sure nothing is connected backwards.

    Going a little crazy here.

    cotodd would you please post if you come up with an answer?
  7. tsghost said:

    cotodd would you please post if you come up with an answer?

    he already did his heatsink wasn't on right, read the following thread
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