ASUS K8V SE Deluxe Memory problem..

Here's one from the way back machine. I have an Asus K8V SE Deluxe motherborad/socket 754, with a 2Ghz AMD ATHLON 64. System is 5yrs old. I have 2 Kingston KVR400x64 1G memory sticks in slots 0 and 2, middle open.

Not sure when it happened but my system now only shows 1GB or RAM as shown in BIOS and System Properties. The ASUS probe utility is showing each DIM as 512MB. I replaced it with new versions of the same memory but still the same result.

Any idea of what's wrong? Did a bit get flipped in a memory setting somewhere, or is it a circuit failure some where?

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  1. I would use cpuid, and see what it says. I find that when I make a hardware change after a windows installation, windows won't detect the change. It's most true for a cpu changeover.
  2. o1die,

    I installed cpuid and it says 1024MB, and channel# single, what ever that means..

    Losing a GB somewhere...
  3. May have narrowed down the problem a bit. I'm using single-sided 1G Memory cards. When I insert 2 DIMMs I only see 1G, when I insert 3 DIMMs it shows 1.5GB of memory. Seems like it is only reading 512KB per DIMM.

    Interestingly the BIOS says they are running at DRAM Frequency 200Mhz which I understand is really 400Mhz. The manual says that with 3 DIMMS the speed drops to 333Mhz.

    Still don't know why it is only reading 512MB per DIMM.
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