Advice on repairing a homebuilt system

Can anyone help?

I built a machine a little while ago with my son, and there seems
to have been some power spike or something and now the machine
does *absolutely nothing* (doesn't spin the HD, no fans, nothing)
when he turns it on. He replaced the power supply and it made
no improvement... I'm thinking that it must be the MB. So I was
thinking of sending him a new one and just having him swap
everything over.

The old MB was a MB GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L P35+ICH9 (or
so it says on the Newegg invoice... I recall this was an Intel
MB with "solid capacitors"). ...But now this exact model is
no longer available. Can anyone suggest a good replacement?

(On a related topic: do we need anything else to swap MBs?
Maybe new thermal paste for the CPU? Anything else?)

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  1. Before you go and buy new parts, we need to isolate the problem part which shouldn't take long.

    First, can you post specs on your machine...CPU, RAM, PSU (400W or 500w?), Hard Drives, and OS?

    Since one power supply (PSU) was replaced...was it for the same amount in Watts? Are you sure everything was plugged in properly...and was the power outlet on the wall you were using working?
  2. Go ahead and run through this checklist, there is a good chance your problem is on here:
  3. ^
    I second the checklist. The fact that NOTHING happens at all sorta points it at a power issue. Or the power button lean isn't plugged in right or something. You would think at least the PSU power would come on.
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