How to identify Foxconn sockets ?

I assume many of you are aware of the Foxconn 1156 socket problem.
Foxconn's cheap or buggy sockets have been causing damage in many motherboards. People try to overclock and because of bad connectivity something burns.

My question is how can I know if there a Foxconn socket in the motherboard I'm buying ?
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  1. You can either know by reviews or you looking at the socket and if it all shines in the same angle, it's good, if it doesn't it bad or something like that(or i also think make sure all the pins are the same height)
  2. Some say that the plastic cover for the processor on new motherboards indicate "Foxconn" which indicates that the processor socket was made by Foxconn.
  3. It's only for extreme overclocks, not the normal overclocker.
    And some cheap motherboards.

    P55 Extreme Overclockers: Check your sockets!

    The Perils of overclocking,2436-15.html
  4. Quote:
    evongugg wrote:
    It's only for extreme overclocks, not the normal overclocker.

    the problem is that we don't know what will happen in thee years. what kind of bugs might appear because of the poorly designed socket. Even with no or slight overclocking.

    If I'm to consider an i5 system, I want to be sure not to have that socket.

    Is there a way to contact a company and ask them who made their socket on a specific motherboard ? Or is that just a fantasy of good customer service ?
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    According to the anandtech article, EVGA doesnt use foxconn sockets. Buy an EVGA motherboard.
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