Hi All,
I know I'm hideously out of date to have just joined the ranks of the Quad cores but my existing system has only just started to show slow down on games like Fallout NV & Company of Heroes. So....

I Have an Asrock 4CORE1600TWINS-P35, which is currently running a E6550 @ 3.04 which I think is a FSB of 210. I have just bought a Q6600 which I have heard is V. OC'able but if I can't get the MOBO above 210 FSB I'm assuming that isn't going to happen.

TBH I'm not sure if its the CPU or the RAM (or the MOBO itself) that is causing the BSDs @ anything over 210 FSB.

I have a 1000W OCZ PSU & Kingston HyperX DDR2 800 RAM

Has anybody had issues with HyperX RAM not overclocking?
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  1. Kingstone hyperX ddr2 is ocable because have heatspreader. And you feel slow in game, this ..
    How is kind your vga..? And how much size ram..?
    And I see your psu 1000w is overkill
  2. NeilV said:

    I Have an Asrock 4CORE1600TWINS-P35, which is currently running a E6550 @ 3.04 which I think is a FSB of 210. I have just bought a Q6600 which I have heard is V. OC'able but if I can't get the MOBO above 210 FSB I'm assuming that isn't going to happen.

    Native speed of an E6550 is 2.33 GHz (333 MHz X 7). So at 3.04 GHz, your FSB speed is 3.04/7 or 434 MHz. If your memory settings are on Auto, your DDR2-800 RAM is running at (434/333)*800 or 1040 MHz. You are already radically overclocking your RAM.

    A Q6600 runs at 2.4 GHz (266 MHz X 9). Most will run at 3.0 GHz (333 MHz X 9) with little or no increase in CPU voltage. Depending on your particular chip, 3.4 - 3.6 GHz with good cooling is not unusual.

    I am unfamiliar with the Asrock BIOS, but you need to take your memory settings off Auto and lower the speed that the RAM is running. You need to aim for a 1:1 FSB:RAM ratio. For an E6550 with its 333 MHz FSB freq, your memory clock should be 667 MHz.

    Overclocking RAM (running it faster than the FSB) in a Core2 system adds little to real world performance.

    In some ways, a Q6600 is easier to overclock. It has a lower FSB freq (easier on the motherboard and memory) and a higher multiplier (good CPU speed). OTOH, its a quad core. That will make thermal management more difficult (requires better cooling).

    Do not exceed 1.5 volts or load temps of 70 C with either processor. Assuming decent case airflow and a decent cooler, a dual core chip with probably reach voltage limits before it reaches thermal limits. A quad core chip is just the opposite.
  3. it was pretty easy to hit 333x9 when i had my q6600 with no voltage increase.. but that would only let you hit 3.0ghz..

    i tried to hit 400x9 but found that unstable on my particular chip with no voltage.. tried 400x8 and that was great running at 3.2ghz..

    at 333 or 400 fsb, you wont have to overclock your 800mhz ram.. just set up the fsb/ram divider correctly and you're good to go :)
  4. Thank you jsc & aberchonbie

    Installed the CPU last night and it appears to hold down 333 FSB with no problems & a Max temp of 60C when running company of heroes. I was a bit rash & tried to put it up to 366 but then I got NO output to the monitor @ all & had to do a CMOS reset.

    Had a couple of initial problems with windows booting so I have upped my CPU V to 1.345 (i think, it was 2 increments in the bios)

    So, why would the VGA output go? any ideas?

    I have ensured that the PCIE setting under the FSB setting was set to 100 not changed when the FSB was changed, is this correct? I'm not sure about the RAM ratio, I couldn't see that in the BIOS but judging from what you were saying I need to change this so that the RAM is not overclocked by the FSB, if I set it to 667 instead of 800 will that help.

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply :) :)
  5. If you get the speed of the ram down then you might be able to run with FSB of 366. This is only 3.3GHz and the Q6600 should be able to do that. Just guessing that you are running the stock CPU cooler. If so then 333 might be good enough for you. If you want to put on an aftermarket cooler then you might be good to 366 or slightly above.

    A Q6600 at 3.0GHz or higher is still a pretty fast computer.
  6. Hi cadder & everyone else ;)
    I'm sorry to say that I forgot to metntion that I have an Arctic 7 cooler which has served me very well with the E6550 and SEEMS to be OK for the Q6600 runnning @ 3Ghz. I'm not hitting anything above 70C. I know my PSU is way OTT but when my last one went Kaput, I had an X1950 which was a monster for power so I bought the 1st GOOD one I could get on ebay which turned out to be local to me so I could test it. It turned out to be an OCZ 1000w & I got it for £40 so I'm Happy :D

    Just to update the situation, although I can OC the Q6600 upto about 3.5Ghz and still post, it won't boot into windows, with an increased psu voltage I can get windows to run stable @ 3Ghz but Prime95 will BSD. All of my games work @ 3Ghz! I am now aware that the V drop on my motherboard is very bad but upping it only seems to generate more heat not a more stable system. CPU-z says my FSB to RAM ration is 4:5 which I assume means my RAM is running higher which is strange because I have now set it to 667 instead of 800 :(

    I'm not sure where to go with this as the Q6600 is second hand, I'm not going to change my MOBO (if I was going to do that I would have gone i5 or Phenom II) I'm wondering if I can cool or somehow mode the MOBO to achieve better Vcpu or if I should up the V to the RAM (it's still on Auto ATM because I don't know what it's tolerances are)

    Is anyone aware of any issues with Prime95 on a 64bit Win7 system?
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    Set the RAM to factory recommended voltage. Or just set it at 2.2 volts - or 0.4 volts above nominal (1.8 volts for DDR2), depending on your BIOS.

    Coolers: The stock cooler that comes with the 65 nm Core2 CPU's is twice the size of the one that comes with the 45 nm CPU's. As such, it is pretty good for a stock cooler. An ACF7P (like yours) is a better than stock cooler. It is good for around 3.3 - 3.4 GHz. Anything more will require serious cooling.

    Prime95 works as expected on my Q6600/GA-EP45-UD3P Win7-64 bit system.
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