Do I have to reformat my first hard drive if I want to use another?

So I have about 200GB of programs/files on my WD 250GB HDD. It also has windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit installed and as of right now, it is my primary hard drive. Only one hard drive is installed in my computer as of now, but I just ordered a OCZ SSD. I am planning to use the SSD as a primary when it does come in. My questions are
1. Do I have to reformat my WD 250GB hard drive?
2. I just have to go to Bios and change the boot order, run windows 7 ultimate and install on SSD ?
3. Will each OS in each separate drive conflict? (both W7)
4. If I run out of space on my 60gb SSD, and I download a program where will it go? Will it not allow me to download or will it just add on to the second hard drive?
5. How do I transfer programs or files from the WD to the SSD? for example, I have COD4 on it but I don't want to reinstall on the SSD. Is there any way I can just drag and drop (assuming both hard drives are plugged in)?
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    1. No
    2. detach the 250 gig drive temporarily. Attatch the SSD and install the OS to it. After installation is complete, attach the 250 gig drive and change the boot order in bios so that the SSD is first.
    3. No.
    4. Most apps allow you to choose where to save at. If not, you won't be able to download once the drive is full.
    5. You will need to reinstall all your apps on the SSD or boot from the hard drive and use it.

    You will essentially have two independent copies of the OS. Programs installed on one will not work on the other unless it is installed on it also. You can switch between OS's by changing the boot order in the bios.
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