Weird problem with the 4770

This has happened twice in the last 2 days, so it appears to be pretty common for my system.

Since I got my 4770 I've had no problems with it. But last night, and again just now, the cooler went up to 100% just after I SHUT DOWN my PC. It stayed like this for about 30 seconds, when I just held down the power button and that turned it off.

While the monitor/keyboard/mouse all were non-responsive, the light on my power button was pulsating. It only does that when the computer is in "sleep" mode, but like I said, pressing the keyboard would not "wake up" the computer. So this leads me to believe it was not quite 100% shut down.

Also, if it makes a difference, before the first time this occured I had forgotten to disable my onboard graphics in the BIOS. I finally disabled it yesterday, and a few hours later this maybe they are somehow linked.
*edit* I also enabled "plug n play" in the BIOS.

The problem itself is nothing more than a minor headache, but is this maybe a symptom of a bigger issue down the line? Any help greatly appreciated!

Here is my system:

Gateway DX4200-09
Windows vista home premium 64 bit
BFG 550W power supply (quad 12v rails, 20A on each)
Foxconn RS780 motherboard
1.8Ghz Phenom x4
2X2GB of DDR2 667/800 MHz SDRAM
Serial ATA 640GB HD
Radeon hd3200 integrated graphics(disabled)
Radeon HD4770

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  1. Are you using an oc utility like Rivatuner? I use Rivatuner for overclocking my HD4770, but with restore fan settings after going into save state unchecked. Try using the fan control of rivatuner to prevent it going 100%..
    Rivatuner :

    Off topic: Does your HD4770 score way low in 3dmark as well? Mine does, but in crysis is simply rocks! Maybe a driver problem?
  2. And you need this config file specified on this site in order to use Rivatuner:
    Sorry for the double post, forgot about the fix being required.
  3. you 100% sure you were actually shutting down the computer and not putting it in hibernate?
  4. check the power supply
  5. @tij I do have riva tuner, but how would it help since the OS(and all programs that go with it) is pretty much shut off when this occurs

    @glaex yeah I'm 100% sure, and just to test it, I put it in hibernate and standby a few times and this did not happen. (also pressing a key on the keyboard actually woke up the computer in these cases)

    Last night I did turn off the "plug n play" feature in the BIOS. I've done maybe 6 shutdown cycles since then and all is fine. So hopefully that was it, although I don't see why.

    If it happens again I'll have some more patience and let the fan spin a bit longer...Last night i looked around google a bit and read about some motherboards doing this by design. If it shuts off on its own I guess it's not such a big deal.

    Thanks for all the tips.
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