New hub - limited or no connectivity

I've recently got a new 100mb hub for my lan instead of my old one which is 10mb. but when I use it, weather i try to use 10mb speed or 100mb, I get the message "Network limited or no connectivity". The internet doesn't work with the exception of few programs like Messenger and Steam.

more details:
I've used a 100mb hub for few year until it burned and was replaced by a smaller, 10mb hub (edimax 5 port), which is what I'm using now. I've decided to replace that again with a 100mb hub for more speed but every time I use any other hub than the one I have now i get the "no connectivity" error and get a very limited internet connection. I tried limiting the speed to 10mb with the new hub as well to see if maybe the signal is not strong enough for 100mb but the problem consists.
My network is set up this way: I have a router downstairs which is connected directly to a PC, and a cable leading upstairs which is connected to the hub, which is then connected to 2 other computers. The PC downstairs suffer no problems when replacing the hub.

The new hub I'm trying to use is ES-3208P
my router is Siemens SL2-141.

thanks in advance for any help
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  1. Does a pc connect fine if you plug directly into the cable that would normally go to the hub/switch?
    I haven't seen the back of the switch. Is there an Uplink port? If so are you plugging into it?
  2. There is no uplink port, only 1 through 8. I also thought this might cause the problem but I tried to plug in different ports with my current small hub, and it works just fine.

    about connecting it directly to a pc - by the way this room is arranged it would be an extremely hard task to do. If I understand correctly your goal is to test the cable itself, but if it works with the current hub then I don't see how it's necessary
  3. what is the brand and model of your 10 mb hub ?
    and what is the brand and model of your new hub?

    nvm, I didn't see the bottom of your original post.
  4. Have you checked the DHCP server which the hub/switch is connected to (e.g. a router)?
    Or are you using static IP?
  5. the "DHCP Table" (if that's what you meant for, because I don't see "DHCP server") appears in the status tab of the router page.
    What is see there is a list of my LAN computers and their mac adress.
    I can't really change anything in there, and I don't really know what to check/look for.

    And no, I'm not using a static IP.

    Thanks alot for the help so far
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