Please help im a noob

hi there im really new 2 this and im wanting 2 build my own desktop this is what ive got so far.

i7 920
asus p6t deluxe v.2
6gb dominator 1600 ram
2 x nvidia geforce 285 1 gb
corsair tx 750w psu

so my question really is what else do i need? cooling, sound cards, ect, ect

and about the case i really want a thermaltake armor+ mx but i do not know if every thing will fit into that any help there would be much appreciated,

thanks 2 everyone in advance,
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  1. If its in your budget, i would go for the cooler maser haf 932! Its a full tower for great air cooling option...

    For CPU cooling, i would look at Noctua 1366LGA...or another one i saw was the Vigor Monsoon III 1366LGA too...

    Sound cards...can't really comment on myself. I do think Creative Labs cards are good. Onboard sound is fine too with some tweaks...

    Why are you getting x2 GTX285's? Gona be pwning some people on PC huh?
  2. I'd get a 850TX to be safe.

    You can get cooling if you want to oc, the new D0's get quite far with a nice cooler.
  3. so what monitor will you be using?
  4. thank you all for the quick response first of all like i said i have not got a clue what im doing just yet but hopefully i will after this 1st 1.

    but as for the 2x gfx cards i just heard that 2 of those would be good together,

    and do i need cpu cooling,

    i was gonna get the 750tx because i thought it would be enough and be quiter so thanks for the info and i do not think i will be overclocking(dont got the know how)

    as for the monitor that will be 1 of the last things i purchase so not looked that far ahead but was thinking touch screen but dont know how that works

    cheers everyone ,
  5. The monitor is very important to how much gfx power you need .

    Theres no point splshing cash on two top end gfx cards if you will use a 22 inch lcd , or even a 24 inch . You dont somehow get a better picture you just waste money on power
  6. thats great info cheers so would you recommend 1 x geforce 295 instead
  7. and would that setup fit in a thermaltake armor+ mx with ease
  8. The only people who can make full use of a gtx 295 or two x gtx 285's have 30 inch hi-res monitors [ not tv's which are lower resolution ]

    a single gtx 285 is plenty for a 24 inch 1920 x 1200 monitor .
  9. +1 just get a GTX 285. Or maybe get two GTX 260's, like these, that will max out crysis at all max settings at that res, the GTX 285 might not be totally smooth at 19x12 res in crysis, but will do fine in every other game:
  10. well thanks guys that settles the gfx card then i will be getting just 1 285 thanks for the help,
    now on 2 the ,cooling, psu , case, and i think that is all i need isnt it.
  11. PSU: Corsair 650tx
    Cooling: Noctua NH-U12P SE 1366
    Case: CoolerMaster Haf 932 (this is up to you mostly, just check with us to make sure its good)
  12. I would definitely WAIT for NVidia's next card. NVidia is releasing a high-end 40nm card, quite possibly in the next two months.

    Not only does the 40nm mean less power (and noise) right off the bat but the card will definitely use new power management techniques as well. ATI's just released HD4770 is 40nm and very, very impressive for price and power utilization.

    Trust me, it's really worth the wait just to have a quieter computer.

    One link. The current code-name is "GT212" :

    Here's what I recommend->
    1) Auzentech audio card (X-Fi Forte 7.1, or X-Fi Prelude 7.1)
    2) M-Audio AV40 stereo speakers
  13. Cooling:
    Generally, you want something like this for your setup:
    1) graphics cards (blow hot air out the back)
    2) CPU Heat Sink Fan (HSF) + 120mm fan
    3) 2x 120mm low-noise, low CFM (1 near CPU, 2nd at front-bottom if possible)

    The goal is to have great cooling right at your hot components and secondly provide adequate air flow through the case. You can buy high CFM fans to move the air which produce a lot of noise but really don't provide much cooling where it's actually needed.

    I like the Antec 300 case. For an SLI/Crossfire setup I'd use the side fan mount but find the quietest case fan possible. This creates a nice path for those two graphics cards to intake air then expel out the rear.

    Modern ATX cases are very poorly designed in terms of air flow but it is possible to build a relatively quiet PC with good planning.
  14. hi guys thanks very much for the help truthfully its really appreciated,

    now the case is the my main problem at the moment as will be buying it in 1 or 2 days just really stuck on this at the moment really had my heart set on the armor+ mx but im starting 2 hear negative things so i had a look at the haf 932 yeah its in my price leauge but not 2 sure on the looks so any suggestions would be fantastic, im looking for quiet more than looks though, cheers, GAZ
  15. Take a look at the CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000. Its quiet and a great case. As long as you don't have two graphics cards in there its great, otherwise sometimes it gets hot.
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