Quick bottleneck question?

My HTPC rig has a 2.4GHz Pentium 4 Single Core CPU will a 4650 AGP be bottlenecked by this?

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  1. I don't think so. What motherboard are you using in any case?
  2. Well considering he mentioned its his HTPC build he will most likely want to continue its htpc use...and light gaming?...he seems to know a bit about htpc's from what iv read in the past...
  3. Well its a ECS P4VXASD2+ (old, I know) with a VIA chipset (so no overclocking :(), I'm gonna be watching Blu-rays occasional light gaming like Rewindlabs mentioned. Nothing too serious no Crysis or anything like that.
  4. Also if I can get the PLL I might be able to do a software overclock? Help!
  5. If I were you I would get a really really cheap atom based nettop and use that as my HTPC. It's cheap, tiny, uses little power, and outperforms that P4.
  6. AKM880 said:
    Also if I can get the PLL I might be able to do a software overclock? Help!

    Try out Clockgen first before you go pulling your hair out with setfsb....clockgen automatically recognized my bios locked oem lenovo nforce4 board...bumped the ole amd 4400+ X2 right up along side the top STOCK VOLT bios overclocks :D its PERFECTLY! stable.....i was really suprised...

    Even after orthos testing for an entire night the system was no hotter and just as stable at 2599mhz...2.6ghz to be exact....it runs on 2gbs of value ram....sucky thing is even when testing out 4gbs of high quality g.skill ram it wouldn't go any higher than 2.6ghz without bsodding.....but 2.6ghz is great for just about any game i could care to play on the system :)

    so yeah try clockgen out first since it will see if it can automatically find your pll....if all else fails you can start googling and trying ever pll you can...and i would definitely just keep and use the p4 system aslong as it meet my needs before i went out and nabbed an atom build...
  7. Thank you rewindlabs for the helpful response. I have tried CLockGen however my motherboard is probably way too old for it to be autoomatically recognized. Anyways is software overclocking unsafe? In my sig that CPU is overclocked by software, I dunno if its safe or not I've tested Prime95 for over 12 hours and its fine.
  8. My Lenovo pc i spoke of above surely isn't anything new so you should try it...i don't see any risks at all with software overclocking as long as you watch heat as you would do if you used a bios overclock...all you are doing is increasing the FSB as you would with the bios...

    So do some googling....im not sure how specific a pll is to a board so see if other users have tried to do it with your board etc...hell tbh im not entirely sure what a pll is...
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