Cpu temp wont work?

motherboard is a m3A76-cm by asus, cpu is a amd atlon 7850+ am2+. in bios it shows temp as 30c. but in windows it shows, 11-14c. ive even updated bios to newest verison and it still shows same thing. any ideas on a possible fix so i can see temps from coretemp or something? its showed same low temp in core temp, hwmonitor, everest.
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  1. 30c sounds correct. You are getting 11-14c with all the programs you listed above?
  2. Some programmes measure the CPU team using different methods. BIOS should be fairly accurate to within a deg or two...
  3. yea i know bios is accurate, but dont understand why it wont read temps from windows correctly. it reads one core like 11-14, but other core reads 0. but bios reads 32c.
  4. now its showing 8-9c. and today was hot as hell.
  5. OK there is some confusion where the CPU temp is read from by windows based software.

    Some measure it from the chip itself and some from a sensor just under the CPU socket...

    I beleive there is also variance in some software itself


    Real Temp shows :-

    CPU Temp
    Core Temp

    both showing different figures to what my BIOS says right now
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