Need motherboard with front panel Firewire 800 port

I am planning to build a new system, my first 64 bit, in the spring of 2010 to coincide with my upgrade from Photoshop CS3 to the anticipated CS5 which should be out by then. As a serious photographer I am very interested in having 1394b (Firewire 800) support. I also want to have front panel I/O access. Yet most motherboards (and cases?) only seem designed for the old Firewire 400 plugs. Is this likely to change given the new Windows 7 support for Firewire 800? If not, what's the best way to design a case and motherboard combo around this need?

Basically I need a motherboard/case combo with a front panel Firewire 800 port. I don't know whether that's going to happen or not, but hopefully with Windows 7 support there's a chance.

Thanks for any help.

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  1. My Abit NF7 NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI has a FW800 port. It's about four years old. I too am looking to upgrade my board but can't find a decent board with a FW800. My external HD uses FW800 and it is fast. I had a NAS which was way slower.
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