Best NEW PCI-E Digital TV Capture Card?? Xvid? & DivX? & Linux?

Could someone recommend a tv card must be PCI-Express

Must be able to record to compressed formats like divx or Xvid

Be compatible with Vista/(Windows 7 RC) & Most Importantly Linux Compatible

Must be Digital TV
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    I am guessing you are looking to set up Mythbuntu or Mythdora?

    *Warning* : tv tuners in Linux require lots of setup. Vista already has great support for tv tuners in Vista Media Center. I have been using the ATI Theatre Pro PCI-E card for a while and can say it works well with VMC.

    Check here for Linux friendly TV Tuners:

    As far as a recording in the formats you mentioned, I believe my tuner records in .avi. You could always convert to the other formats, although I am not sure why it is necessary.
  2. my asus u3000 mini usb records to avi but full uncompressed, recording to a avi with codec encoded avi would save hugely on HDD space.

    30mins = 1GB HDD Space atm.
    90mins = 700 mb in Xvid or Divx.
    Thats Y!!
  3. Hauppage 2250.
    I run ubunto on my PC but i have not tested this Tuner on linux. I run it mainly in vista64 ultimate.
  4. Yeah look good except can someone explain this "Note: Windows Media Center does not currently support clear QAM TV channels."

    Whats QAM?
    Will windows media centre ever support it?
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