Hybrid SLI on DFI LAN Party Jr.GF9400 tr2s

I recently set up a rig using an DFI LAN Party Jr.GF9400 t2rs and want to activate its Hybrid SLI features and have a few question regarding It, After looking around in its site, DFI states that it can be activated by using an 8400GS or 8500gt well what I want to know is:

1. Is all manufactured GPU using either that two chipset (the 8400GS & 8500GT) are usable? (I'm from Indonesia, and the brands that exist here are : ASUS, Zotac, Pixel View, Palit and Foxconn)

2. On further browsing around the internet, I read that Hybrid SLI feature can only be activated on Windows Vista, but the DFI Site DID NOT stated that. Is it true? And does anybody on this forum has tried it using this Board?


btw,my rig setup is
-DFI LAN Party Jr.GF9400 (bios ver.2009-04-21)
-Intel Core2Quad Q8200 cache 4 MB
-Team Xtreme Dark 2GB 2pcs Dual Channel CL Speed:5-5-5-12
-VenomRx King Snake 450W
-OnBoard GPU (NVIDIA GeForce 9400)
-1 SeaGate 250GB no-Raid
-Lite-On DVD-RW 24x SATA
-OnBoard Sound Card (Realtek ALC885 for 8CH HD Audio )
-OnBoard Noc/LAN Peripheral (Gigabit LAN)
-Using Windows-XP SP 3
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  1. Yes, basically any 8400 or 8500 card will do.
    Hybrid graphics is only enabled in Vista, not XP , sorry. :(
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