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For heaven's sake please help me. I'm in real trouble. Some months ago I was backing up my files to my new Seagate 500GB external USB drive. Around those days when I was doing the backup we were having intermittent electricity blackouts. I don't have backup power source such as UPS. I think the blackouts messed up the drive. I have two Seagate drives. The problem also happened to the other drive which wasn't used for the backup but I formatted it and it's working fine now. But that backup Seagate has messed up big time.

When I had copied almost 8GB data. The computer couldn't read any further. The light on the drive keep blinking and it said something like 'couldn't read from sector...'. I'm sure physically the drive has no problem.

I think my only option left to retrieve the data is to use SpinRite software. My friend has bootable CD of this software. Please, guide me what else could I do?

Thanks a lot for your time and suggestions.
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  1. 500GB ext drive: is it a portable drive (power through USB) or is it a desktop external drive (w/ a ext power source)?

    Have you tried to plug in another computer? Does the drive make some unusual noises?

    All external enclosures have a small PCB board that is attached to the bare drive. Maybe some component on the PCB is fried. The only way to find out is to crack open the enclosure and remove the bare drive. Plug the bare drive to a computer (power off of course) as an internal drive and then power on the computer to see if OS will be able to read the data.

    That is only thing I can think of.
  2. It's a USB one and I have already taken it out of the enclosure and directly attached to the board but all in vain. Only option left is SpinRite.
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