Memory: 1066mhz CL 7 vs. 1333mhz CL 9

I am purchasing a recently released Gateway p-7915u (currently on backorder). The first thing I want to do with it is upgrade it to 8gb of memory. This is what I've found out in the current market.

1333 mhz with CL 9
1066 mhz with CL 7

I always thought that the lower the latency the better, but the 1333 has a higher latency. Any recommendations?

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  1. If you are not going to OC,then go for the one which is cheaper because the timings and Mhz won't make a noticeable difference in apps/games,they are mainly important for OC'ng.
    If u are going to OC,i would go for the 1066Mhz CL7 due to lower timings
  2. your not going to see a diffence either way outside of a benchmark
  3. dndhatcher = good reference article for i7 memory - it is really cheap for what you get - think the price with DDR3 will be going up as Win7 and new MB's hit the market.
  4. No - I think DDR3 memory will only go down in price. Its possible there would be a small price increase before the end of the year but it wont last. There are not that many people replacing PCs right now and I see no reason to expect a sudden economic burst.
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