New Hard Drive in Dell M1330 Issue

I don't usually ask questions on the forums, but this one has me miffed.

Recently my Dell M1330 laptop died, saying there was no hard drive installed when it attempted to boot. I rebooted and went into the BIOS where indeed no hard drive was detected.

Figuring I simply had a dead drive, I went to my local Fry's and got a Western Digital Scorpio Blue (I'm way past warranty expiration). I popped it in and the BIOS recognized the new drive, however when I tried to install Windows XP, Windows couldn't seem to locate any hard drives.

Is there some sort of deeper hardware issue or does Dell put some hoops you have to jump through before installing a new hard drive? Some searching didn't turn up anything too useful.
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  1. It SHOULD be as simple as you are expecting. Are you sure you don't need to create a partition through the GUI, then select that partition to install on? Or did WinXP setup blatantly tell you no HD was found?
  2. Thanks for the prompt response, although I figured out the answer a minute after I posted the thread. I didn't realize that Dell's BIOS defaults to AHCI, presumably because their hard drives come with the drivers preinstalled. I switched back to legacy ATA and the setup is going smoothly. Hopefully this will help someone else searching in the future
  3. Glad you figured it out!
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