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Wow! For the 1st time in over 3 months, I took a peek at memory prices on newegg. Prices have doubled since summer. What gives? Laptop, desktop. Doesn't matter. All have soared in price.
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    DDR3 happened. The sweet spot for DDR2 was about a year ago. I got this 4gb Corsair kit for $38 after rebates last November. Same kit is $129 now. I wanted another 4 gb but im not sure that its worth it. I think I might just stick with the 4 I have untill I do a full upgrade.

    Edit: OK I reread and you didnt say DDR2 you said memory in general :whistle: oops. lol

    And actually I do remember reading something about a shortage.
  2. In the title, I was focusing on DDR2. DDR3 hasn't gotten as cheap as DDR2 has gotten expensive.

    From your response, I gather that the actual memory is the same (DDR2/DDR3) and only differs in the connectors? Because otherwise, I don't see how the same fabs would make 1 kind of RAM more expensive than the other it is replacing.
  3. In saying DDR3 happened I mean just that.....all the factories had to be retooled to make DDR3 modules and no they are not the same as DDR2. Of course DDR2 and even DDR are both still made but more for a corporate/business market and less and less for the enthusiast market.
    I was also trying to point out that the sweet spot or market oversaturation for DDR2 was about a year ago. The same thing happened to DDR when DDR2 came out. It got super cheap for a while then all of a sudden it was hugely expensive again.

    Here is a better tech comparison.
  4. and this is why last feb when i build this computer i bought 8GB (4x2GB) memory, i wasn't about to let the same thing happen to this build as my S939 build years ago
  5. Read:,2128.html - the shift is to DDR3 and the prices are starting to go up a bit and will increase more as the new i7 systems hit the market.
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