Core i5 and Core i7 LGA 1156 Now Available in Taipei

From Engadget
"Well, clandestinely is perhaps too strong -- and long -- a word for it, but the fact is that Intel's thoroughly roadmapped and unnecessarily delayed desktop refresh has already happened for folks in Taiwan. Our buddies at TweakTown even went to the trouble of putting together a video of Taipei's computer market, which didn't seem to suffer any shortages of Lynnfield parts. In US currency, the prices above are $204 for the Core i5-750, $296 for the i7-860 and $593 for the i7-870, which at least confirm earlier indications on the matter"

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  1. how much will a cheap 1156(i5) mobo cost ?
  2. the ones i saw were approximately 5500 NT (asus) and gigabyte was ~5500-6500NT (i'm not entirely sure, i wasnt really paying attention to this one, but it is definitely within this price range). the high end ones were approximately 9500-10000 NT. however, the guy i asked at the tech market told me that there should have been some motherboards as low as 5000 NT. all are p55 mobos though.
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