Anything I need to install for new Vertex2 SSD and clean install OS ?

People always talking about drivers and such...

Just wondering as I am about to install my 120gig Vertex2 and I plan to clean install Windows 7 x64.

I also will be adding two 1TB samsung F3 HDD's to my system. I am undecided if I will keep my current 750gig Samsung HDD (it's or use it in my cavarly dual bay dock.. and just copy what I need and use that as external storage. I also plan to keep my 300gig velociraptor.

My plan was to install the SSD and windows... then bring online the two samsungs (I will probably do a RAID 0 array for them) and then hook up the velociraptor after I had installed OS to the SSD. I will copy what I want from the velociraptor (as it is OS drive now) then clean format it in windows...

So specifically I wanted to know:

What drivers and stuff should I have ready on USB drive or CD for my windows install ??

and is there specific versions I should look for?
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  1. I know that I need to enable trim command capability and I must select AHCI as the sata mode in the bios(not ide or raid).

    If I clean install windows-7 anyone know if it will select it's own ahci driver which will properly pass on the trim command. ??

    also the F6 driver everyone talks about... is this:

    Is that all?

    Did I miss somthing?

    Is there anything for the OCZ specifically? or other setting I need to change?
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