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hey guys
i bought a coolermaster v8 and ive replaced the fan with thermaltake smart fan. BUt it always runs at 2700rpm and its loud!
how do i change the speed to it will only increase depending on the temp. it has 3 different speed pwm.

this is the fan im using now http://www.thermaltake.com.au/Products/Accessory/A201620172018/SmartCaseFanLED.aspx
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  1. it also has a fan speed controller to put it in one of the card slots. but that controller doesnt seem to slow down the fan speed at all.
  2. Application for PC case and CPU fan
    Three sizes available 8.9.12CM
    3 BLUE LED fan
    Smart LED Fan (3 functions in 1) :
    1. Full speed when jumper on
    2. Temperature control : Fan speed varies according to the temp detected by the sensor
    3. Manual control : Adjust fan speed manually

    it says at number 1. full speed when jumper is on. how do i disable this so i can use the other functions
  3. nevermind guys. ive solved the problem. fan speed controller wasnt plugged in properly.
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