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I am in the process of planning a new PC for a Media PC as my current one is old and very quickly used up its 160GB of space. Therefore I don't have any specs to show but this is going to be a theoretical discussion anyways.

My main question is, what is better? Getting a graphics card with HDMI output or just using the VGA output? What are the benefits?

My goal is to hook this up to my 1080p TV. It has HDMI and VGA connectors so thats not an issue. Also a sub issue is hooking up via a DVI to HDMI converter and also audio with regards to the HDMI connection. Any input on this will be greatly appreciated as well.

Also any insight on how powerful of a card I will need would be great, its really only a media PC, no gaming.

Also, if you would like to recommend a card then you should know this will be running on a Linux box running Ubuntu, so Nvidia may possibly be a must (unless you know some other card with great support)

Thank you in advance.
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  1. You should get a better picture using a direct connection and you do not have to mess around with converters.
    As for card, almost anything cheap and PCI-E will do, Nvidia have fanless 9500 and 9400 cards in normal and low profile for very little cash, just check they have the connections you need/want.
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