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I have a Micro Solutions Model 501200 200GB external hard drive that is installed on an older computer using Windows 98 with no problems. I now want to install it on another coputer using Windows Vista but I get an error message; "Drive error" after using the installation disk at the point of continuing set-up. Everything seems okay until I click next after plugging it in. After plugging in drive F comes up.
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    There is no need to use the installation disk... just plug in the drive and as you see f: drive comes up.
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  3. Still cannot access drive, drive error still comes up.
  4. Is there data on the drive that you want? No other error just "drive error"?
  5. Just drive error. I have appraisal files on the external HD
  6. I forgot to mention "drive not present" appears on the icon at the bottom right after plugging in as well
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