$1,800 Gaming Rig

Hi all. I'm going to be building my first rig in like five years and need suggestions on what parts to get. I need just the system (no OS, sound card, monitor, etc). Must be an i7. Thanks!
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  1. maybe get 2x 275's instead and save a few hundo
  2. (@erebus) Do you have a 64bit OS? Because if you don't, I would suggest saving a bit on the ram, and instead get a 3GB Tri-Channel set, because the GTX285's need ram too, and that 3.3GB limit includes VRAM
  3. Yes, I do have Vista Premium 64-bit.

    Do you guys think the two 285s will be future proof for the next few years? Think it'll be in the neighborhood of the GT300 when it's released?

    And this is probably a dumb question, but graphics cards these days like the 285 will be DX11 compatible when it's released, right?

    Thanks again everyone, I appreciate it very much.
  4. Yes the 285s will be future proof for a long time.

    No, today's video cards are not DX11 ready.
  5. So only the cards released after DX11 will be DX11 compatible? That's a huge bummer...

    And is a full tower case real necessary? I was thinking about the Cooler Master 690 because it looks good and I hear it's a borderline full tower case because it is really big and spacious.
  6. the cm690 is great...I own it and love it. If you like it, go for it.
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