ATI x1900xt Out of date?

Was wondering, about 2 years ago I got a x1900xt 512mb from newegg and have been very happy with it since. I can play all my games on full resolution and High graphics except for Cyrisis on very high. Do you think it is necesarry to upgrade just yet for future graphics, or you think this will be fine for another 6 months or so.?
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  1. ''I can play all my games on full resolution and High graphics '' thats your answer
  2. yea lol im trying to consider the future thats what I'm basically asking, do you think this will be a sufficient card for some recent and upcomming games? I havn't really been checking up on updated hardware lately. I was thinking of upgrading to a 4870HD idk tho.
  3. ^ exactly. At this point, if everythings going fine with your gaming, Id hold off, if 6 months is reasonable to you, and be looking for the next gen, where DX11 with all its goodies will come into play.
    Ive a feeling, DX11 cards will transition to games much much easier than past DX' releases, as its just a superset of DX10. Or, to put it more simply, the first DX11 cards should provide a decent DX11 experience, unlike in the past, where so called first gen DX cards couldnt really handle the new DX they were designed for, and it was the second such releases that really shined. Just look at how well the G80 series handled DX10, which is (G80) almost as old as your 1900, tho a much more robust product, but only midrange currently in todays standards
  4. jaydee I didn't hear about that, so they are bringing out DX11 did they mention some cards that will be bringing that out? and when?
  5. Look to qtr 3-4. Yes, the 5xxx series will have DX11 support/capabilities, as will the G300 series from nVidia. Current rumors are, 5xxx series comes out first, then G300.
  6. I agree with strangestranger, there's no point to upgrade if you can still enjoy games with your current vga
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