GA-EP45-UD3P TPM & Infineon & Ultra TPM & Bitlocker - Utterly Confus

I dont understand the microsoft instructions for Bitlocker and how it relates to the TPM/Infineon software, and IM SO CONFUSED :pt1cable: !!!! Please help

1) Do I enable the chip via Bios, then install the Infineon software/drivers and configure, and THEN start Bitlocker which has its own configuring to do??


2) Do I enable the chip via Bios, but not install the Infineon software/driver, then start Bitlocker which is its own software/driver and basically takes the place of the Infineon software...


some combination of both?

Im using Windows7 Ultimate
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  1. I'd do option 2 - there is a (TechNet Library) comprehensive, step-by-step MS guide to BitLocker here:
    Note that, at about the middle, there is access to a drive preparation tool, if you need it...
  2. thanks bat.

    they now have a W7 version that seems the same, but with a few tweakish stuff.

    Its starting to make sense.
  3. Glad you're set, and, just a reminder - be careful with the 'key'; you lose it, and you'll be waiting for the 'quantum computing guys' to build processors that can offload parallel computations to other quantum probability dimensions, and return the results via quantum interference effects, 'cause it appears to be the only way to do keyless deencryption in, compared to human lifetimes, anything close to 'real-time'!
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