What are your thoughts on the upcoming Q7600 ?

Ok so the title basically covers it.
What are peoples thought on Intels latest release (well its coming anyway) ?
Im wondering if it may be worth OCing one of these instead of getting say a E8400 or even Q8400 ?

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  1. Looks like competition ! Intel got tired of AMD owning the budget multi-core market and is going to put a budget 4 core CPU on the market. Good news, although we have to wait for proper benchmarks to see how the nerfed cache will perform.
  2. it depends if it's cheaper than the Athlon II x4's, since they have the same specs (except the athlon will probably be clocked higher.)
  3. When is that CPU coming?
  4. Hi, i think if some one is building a new pc from the ground up and has a budget of 1k i would recommend then to stay away from any LGA 775 products and invest in i7/i5. if their budget is ~500-600, then an amd or intel lga 775 will be a decent choice. btw i didn't know intel was still releasing the Qxxxx series.
  5. The 7600 will not be another 6600 story. Sad
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