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Hey, my computer is

I want to upgrade from my 9800 gt to a 1gb card. I want an nvidia card that's evga, should I go with a GTX 260 or a GTS 250, are either compatible with my comp?
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  1. Ok i can give you some suggestions, first your cpu and memory look good with only the video card lacking.

    An important note: before buying a new video card make sure your psu can support it and that i can fit in the case. i wasnt able to find what your psu is and the case looks small, most modern cards are quite large.

    the gts 250 is a rebranded 9800gtx+ which means you will only get a small improvement over your current card. The gtx260 would give u a good boost but still not huge. You might want to consider a gtx260 core 216 or gtx275, these will give u close to 2x - 2.5x the performance. Also remember that more memory doesnt always mean better performance.
  2. 1. its spelled "you" and his CPU and memory look great...not good

    2. both the 250 and 260 are compatible with your PC but the gtx260 does a far better job of utilizing 1gb memory then the 250. You would see difference between a 512mb and 1GB GTS250.
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