Ext HDD shows in lower pane of disk management/ no drive assgnd


I purchased a samsung 2TB 3.5" SATA HDD, and have it in an external enclosure. When I connect it to my 3 different laptops ( 2 running XP and 1 running vista), they all identify the hard drive and run the driver. However, the drive doesnt appear in the windows explorer under a drive name. I looked into several forums and accordingly ran the manage computer application (rt clicl my computer>>manage>>storage>>computer management) and the samsung drive only shows under the lower pane. It DOES NOT appear in the upper pane along with my C drive. Right clicking on the samsung drive in the lower pane only gives me information on properties but no choice to assign a drive name or format it. Please help.

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  1. If it is a new HDD, it may need to be initialized in Disk Manager before it can be formatted and assigned a letter by Windows.
    Has the HDD been formatted before?
  2. Going by the wording in your first sentance it appears you put the drive in the enclosure yourself.
    So the drives will be new and raw.
    As house70 said they will need to be initialised, then you will need to create one or more partitions then format it, be sure to use quick format otherwise you will be waiting forever for it to format.
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