Where To Find Bulk/Wholesale CPU's?


I've been pulling my hair out for the past 2 weeks on google, trying to find bulk/wholesale prices on a few CPU's. It's just a bunch of crap fake ads or websites that force you to pay for an account in order to find a price or to email the seller.

I'm looking for one of the following CPU's in bulk prices. I was hoping to purchase 20 for the 20 mid-high ranged gaming rigs I am about to build.

1) E8400
2) Q6600
3) AMD Phenom II X4 family.

These will be running along side 4GB's of DDR2 800MHz Crucial Ram, and the 8800GT. (although I am open to any ATI GPU's you may reccommend.)

Anyone have any idea of bulk prices for the following CPU's?

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  1. newegg.com. you can get up to 6% volume savins on select CPUs. Your not going to find any other place without being a member.

    Not to mention newegg only makes like 5-10 per cpu already so your not ever gonna find the bargain your looking for.
  2. Hi, sorry, forgot to mention I live in the U.K so newegg is out of my limits. Aww, how I wish I lived in the states right now...

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