Having Trouble using SSD/HDD config.

Hi all:

First let me thank you for taking the time once again to read and help solve my technical problems. My brother got me an OcZ Agility II 60 GB SSD for Christmas. In conjunction with the WD 1TB Black HDD and the OEM Windows 7 copy that I had, I proceeded to put my OS on the SSD and leave the Western Digital HD for everything else (i.e. games [other than StarcraftII ^^], applications, etc.) so that my computer boots faster. However--after making sure everything has been properly hooked up--in the BIOS the computer is apparently unable to verify another hard drive other than the OcZ SSD.

I was reading about ACHI mode? That appeared to me anyways to be specifically for RAID configurations, which I am not too familiar with.

Any help as always is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks again Tom's Hardware!!

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  1. Did you assign the new drive in windows, using disk management ?
    I believe its in the directions included with the WD drives.
  2. Yes the disk is still not detected when under disk management... I will do some tests today when I get home from work to make sure that it was not DOA (I've had it for a couple of months now knowing that I would get a SSD for X-mas I wanted to wait to install it X_x). Thank you for your reply, anymore suggestions are welcome and appreciated!
  3. You need to make sure the drive is discovered in the bios before attempting to to use Windows disk management.
    Does your bios show the 1Tb drive? AHCI is the normal interface for newer drives and mb's. You should select that if you can.

    Once it recognizes the drie then you can format it under disk management
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