Corsair h50 or coolermaster v6gt?

i was wondering which of these was recommended. a corsair h50 or a coolermaster v6 gt

which of these two would cool the cpu best?

i know there are others that work better but these are the two i have come down to. i want to overclock some, maybe to 4.0 ghz. thanks for the advice

i have a i7-870, gigabyte ud3 p55 mobo and a haf x case from coolermaster
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  1. My question is, why did it come down to these two choices? If there are others that work better, you should go that route instead.

    That being said, I'd stick with the v6; the H50 is a piece of crap for the cost and performance.

    Again, given the budget you are looking at, there are better choices...why not go with a better choice within the same budget? :/
  2. what would some other options be? thanks for the advice. i just have a friend with the v6gt was why i was interested in it, and i admit the looks of it got me liking it.
    i would appreciate advice on coolers in the same price range. thanks again
  3. Well, I've watercooled for about 9 years, so. A lot of people like the 212+, some like the v6, and there are a few others that work very well. Many like the Megahalems, some like the Xigmatek and TT Frio.

    The Noctua is great, but expensive.
  4. i had looked at the 212+ cause its about 30 bucks or less most places online but do you think i could keep the cpu pretty cool and still overclock? i know my case has alot of fans and airflow already so if that is all i would need i am cool with the 212. i just wanna stay in the 70 range or less. and the less the better if i get similar performance!
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    The 212+ is a great cooler from the view of most people that use it. As long as you have good case airflow to feed it cool air, it should do quite well for you.
  6. cool i think i will look into the 212+ then, thanks alot. do u know any temps it will probly be at at idle and load?
  7. Idle, I'd think you could see low 40C temps; load, maybe high 50's-low 60's C.

    I don't have an i7 chip and don't run air, so I might be off a little.
  8. ok, well thanks for the advice i really appreciate all the help!
  9. I'd do a little more research before you decide on what to buy, but yes, there are other options out there, and many would agree against either of your first 2 initial least against the H50; you'd rather stay away from that. If you absolutely want the H50, spend a couple extra bucks and get the H70...and consider getting some higher CFM fans to toss on it for better performance in push/pull.
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  11. FWIW, the H50 is not the best cooler for everyone obviously but, it's certainly not a piece of crap.
  12. I believe this is the comparison I was making:

    H50 is a piece of crap for the cost and performance.

    If you were to make a graph of cost/performance; it does poorly. This is also called 'bang for your buck'.
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