Does e5200 work on abit fatal1ty fp-in9 sli

I think that CPU isn't going to work with the original BIOS that this mobo will have on it. any idea which Bios Version will see this CPU?
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  1. It's 25jul2011 now and my son has been running his Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLi with dual core 65nm CPU and no problem at all .

    He wanted to run quad core so he could stream without "lag" and we bought aN Q9650 45 nm quad core and found it would even post until we put that latest ( last ?) ABIT web site BIOS 16 in and then we posed but then received series of warning continuous beeps and then system woul dshut down .

    The web said that BIOS 18 would fix but can't find that and it is not on ABIT site and many old posts that seemed to point o BIOS 18 are now invalid .

    WE saw that the VTT voltage cold be adjusted and that helped and stys on longer but falsely thinks temp is high and makes CPU fan runn 100 % due to the false temp .

    We can put back in dual core 65nm and run aok except for a few hangs that web says BIOS 16 has....need bios 18 or maybe time to get another mobo or send back CPU for a different Quad core LGA775 as this Q9650 45nm doesn't seem to hack it .
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