Amd athlon 6400x2 3 2 overclock

i am running a asus m2n-sli mb, amd athlon 6400 x2 3.2,and sli ddr2 pc2-6400-800mhz can i overclock with this system, it states that mb can be overclocked from 200mhz-400mhz, i take it that will ave to be done from bios, but if anyone can tell me if it is worth doin with this setup, many thanks ... kev
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  1. its worth it. do it. use a guide on google
  2. tnx for reply, i forgot to mention to say that im new to oc , and im runnin 4gig sli ram, any one help with a link, ive looked and there are so many , dont want to mess it up, many tnx again :) kev
  3. You can overclock, but I hope you have a good aftermarket cooler and not just the stock cooler. The 6400 is already clocked high for a Windsor chip but you may be able to get it to 3.6 or so depending on your chip and the cooler you use.
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